Dear May | JOY

Just the other day I was sitting in this cinemas alone, literally the only human being in the place, watching adverts for movies that are about to be released and it hits me. This is  JOY. I’ve got a bucket of popcorn in between my knees, a bottle of coke in my cup holder, the girl of my my dreams on her way back to me, no one else in the room to bother me and the promise of a film about a bunny rabbit solving crime. What could bring me more Joy? I mean yes I did spend the cost of a meal for 2 at ‘Bread Meets Bread’ to have an experience that I could recreate in my own home for the price of a film rental and wear my PJS. BUT in that moment I found Joy.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about Joy. Where do I find my joy, what does Joy actually mean, and what does Nehemiah mean when he says “the joy of the LORD is your strength”?  Do i find my joy when I worship God, or even more so when I get to lead people in worshipping God and see them do that? Is Joy when I pull a fun and exciting plan together for a children’s event that grows arms and legs? Does Nehemiah mean that when I do what God has given me a passion for I will find Joy, and be energised and sustained by that Joy?

Yes. I think it does. To all of the above. I think people would often categorise me as a happy, positive person. Which is true. But I think i’m a Joyful person. I may not always be happy – in fact rarely am I actually happy – but I can be joyful. Joyful in the work I do that that fulfils me and uses the gifts God has given me. Joyful in working out what life could look like if my wife and I began to live differently. Joyful when I want to give up and never go to another meeting or day of work ever again. Because my Joy comes from the LORD. From Jesus. And He is my strength.

JOY. It’s simple, and yet profound. It’s easy to find and yet can be hard to come by. May I know you will want to stress me out and take up all my time – but I’m going to find Joy in you. I’m going to find Joy in Him.


What are your thoughts?

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