Dear April | It’s nice y’know 

I sit in Starbucks, again…again. How many times am I going to write those words here. Every few years I begin with those words restarting my next big blog movement. Which lasts around 3 months, consisting of three blog posts and an open ended thought to pick up a year later. Only one more to go then, I guess. 

I didn’t even notice you arrive, April. I’m glad we can take this chance to catch up over coffee. It’s nice, y’know, drinking coffee, chatting, not having to do anything or be anywhere. I’ve been doing it a lot over the last few days. Catching up with old friends, making new ones. Discussing the future, discussing the past. It’s nice, y’know?

I’m glad March is gone. With so many meetings, and so many things to plan, to prepare, to cut, to stick, buy and do it felt like every moment was precious. That I couldn’t let March leave without giving everything I had, every last ounce of energy. I said right at the start I wouldn’t give in to that temptation. That I wanted to have time to spend with others, and I think I did. But that last week was a real slog. Nothing can prepare you for it. No matter how many times you do it. But I don’t regret it. I hated my life at points, but I don’t regret it. People had such a good time, and really enjoyed themselves. I think It’ll be a memory. Something of Jesus will stick with them. And that’s nice, y’know?

But it’s good to sit down with some coffee and chat now, April. I know we’ve got lots on our agenda, but just in this moment to stop and be I think is good. We will get to the work, we will get to the new adventures, we will get to anxious moments. For now let’s just have fun. 

For now let’s go to Disneyland. It’s nice, y’know!


What are your thoughts?

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