Dear February | A New Beginning

Please, oh please can you do something about this cold weather. I know I say that I’d rather be too cold than to hot. And I do love slipping on my gloves and walking through the last remnants of crunchy snow – but my train was 30 minutes late last night and it was cold! I know that’s not your fault. I’m sorry. Let’s begin again.
Hi. You doing ok? Flowers, for me? Oh. Yeah I’ll remember to get more on Valentine’s Day. That’s a weird time. Shouldn’t I be telling the love of my life that I love her everyday regardless of the consumer markets schedule? And why does the sight of you, February, make the price of chocolate get expensive. And another thing, why is that…
Hi. February I think we will have a lot of time together. With Katie away for two of the weekends you and I will have some time just to hang out. Like January and I had. I wonder what we’ll get up to. Maybe I’ll finish the blog posts I’ve started. Maybe we’ll crest something amazing. Maybe we’ll be the best of friends.
Thanks for coming February. Let’s see what happens!

What are your thoughts?

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