Dear January | This Is The End


You were a weird month, January. You yourself brought nothing spectacular with you and yet you somehow made it lovely. With not having uni for the first three weeks we had time to hang out together. We honoured the safe return home of The Hobbit. We tentatively tidied the tip of a flat we were living in and transformed it into… a slightly less messy monstrosity. Most importantly we had some beautiful days with my bride-to-be. Not doing anything in particular but just being.

When you first arrived, January I was excited about getting back to work and you didn’t disappoint. From seeing the best human beings in the world on Sunday mornings, to talking about God’s mirror with a faith ever expanding, to seeing God get people excited about serving him both here in Scotland and abroad.

But now it’s time for you to leave. And part of me is glad. You haven’t felt like a real month. Your days were dark, and the hours short. Even with nothing to do there wasn’t time to complete the blogs I’ve half written. There wasn’t space to do anything significant. There wasn’t even sun to shine -you brought with you snow as a parting gift. Enough to make a snowman – but only one.

Thanks for coming January, it’s been fun. If you see February on your way out could you ask for some warmer weather? Thanks. See you next year.


What are your thoughts?

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