Dear January | Happy New Year

While you yourself don’t hold anything spectacular, you do bring with you the start of a new year. Not a new start, not even a new hope, but perhaps you bring a new focus. January, you don’t just arrive with your colder weather and longer days – you bring ‘The Year Of The Wedding!’. You bring with you the year ‘I’ comes ‘We’. The year ‘My Bachelor Pad’ becomes ‘Our First Flat’. The year ‘My Fiancé’ becomes ‘My Wife’.

January, I’m excited to share with you the fun and excitement you’ll bring. The steak pie and mash that we will eat together today, the buzz around my body as I get get back into the job I love working with the people I love. January, you will bring me joy as I grow deeper in faith, but you will also bring me excitement and nerves as my focus starts to shift.

January this year, the focus goes from ‘Me’ to ‘We’.

Thanks for coming January, I think we’re going to have fun.


What are your thoughts?

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