Viva La Story

Currently I wake up and read a part of my Bible. I have then been known to pick up a book and read a chapter. Sitting next to my bed to choose from currently sits:
1) Doctor Who – the writers tale: the final chapter.
2) Wicked (The Novel)
and 3) Narnia : The Magicians Nephew.

I have just started watching ‘House’ on Netflix and on Friday watched it for 6 hours straight. I love going to the cinema and I’ll re-watch a good film time and time again. My YouTube account is subscribed to sketch channels, to vlog channels, to review channels.
My mind is constantly thinking about ways to use ‘this song’ in a video, or ‘this’ train ride to capture ‘that’ clip. I refresh my Instagram feed every few minutes hoping for new pictures. Why?

Because I love stories. Stories that capture the imagination and take you on a journey. Stories of real people doing real things. Snippets of people’s lives. Snippets of people’s imagination. Stories that mean something. Stories that are just for the sake of a story. Stories that inspire. Stories that encourage. Stories that change the world
So people of the world. Keep telling your stories. Keep creating. And keep living lives worth talking about.

See you in the next chapter.


5 thoughts on “Viva La Story

      1. Yes but you can set up posts so if you know you’ll be busy one day you can write it another day. Also Most are just book reviews so they take me five mins (if I get around to reading the book lol

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