I Sit In Starbucks, Again.


The chair is comfy, yet the angle I’m sitting at makes my back hurt. If I look left I can see out to the darkening autumn night. People walking this way and that. The rain looks harmless yet is soaking every person who walks in it.

As I look right, there is a group of Students discussing the project they are working on. Getting excited and more passionate the longer they sit. There is a couple sitting opposite each other – two table widths apart. They look serious, but I don’t think they are breaking up. There is a man sitting alone, quite content, watching (what I presume are) cat videos on his iPad laughing away to himself.

Two riends have entered and sat on the couch opposite. Visually they are striking. One has bright pink hair, the colour of raspberry sauce. The other has tattoos sporadicly placed on her arms. They look like pirate tattoos that act as reminders of her travels across the seven seas and the battles and adventures she has faced over time. For a couple of people who look so rememberable, their conversation is as boring and unfulfilling as the wait for an old lady to get on a bus.

Me? I am typing. Feeling creative. I have had many ideas and stories float into my mind and yet none have come to fruition. And so, like always, sitting in Starbucks – I begin to blog again.

I’ve been watching the video series ‘Letters To Autumn.’  Some were boring. Some have inspired. Like I’ve said before I want to be creative and tell people stories in many different forms. So I’m giving myself the opportunity to let my creative dinosaurs stomp around for a while and see if they find their feet. Perhaps I will write short stories of my day using as much imagination as PJ (but hopefully less weird). Perhaps I will record spoken word poems that challenge the way people think. Perhaps I will create a video that makes a psalm accessible to a young person for the first time. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually develop this skill and make good things.

It might not be every week, but hopefully every two. I won’t promote my posts, but maybe in the new year. I might not even be in Starbucks when I write them…but I probably will. All I know for sure is that their is creativity bouncing around inside of me screaming to get out and if I don’t do something I might explode like a Catherine wheel not aiming at the sky.

But for now I’ll finish my coffee. I’ll leave the Pirates to continue their discussion. I’ll pack up my things and pass the excited students. I’ll take a sneaky glance at the couple and make sure they haven’t broken up. And then I’ll leave. Stepping out Into the darkening autumn night. Walking home in the rain – it looks harmless yet is soaking every person who walks in it.


What are your thoughts?

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