Layered Christmas Tree

I got this idea from a site I found on pintrest.
Basically you take this Christmas Tree Template that I have made and do the following;

1. Cut around the circle.
2. Cut straight up the middle line, so you have two halves. (the pictures show me working with the right half of the circle, but for the left everything is the same just a bit backwards. [Fig 1]

Fig 1
Fig 1

3. Fold the big line (if it were a clock the big line is at the 4) back on itself. [Fig 2]

Fig 2
Fig 2

4. Take the middle line [from Fig 1] and fold that over so that the lines are facing you once more. [see Fig 3]

Fig 3
Fig 3

5. Fold the final line (facing you) over on its self and there you have it. A layered christmas tree. [Fig 4]

Fig 4 - Layered Christmas Tree
Fig 4 – Layered Christmas Tree

6. Colour in your Christmas Tree and make it look as beautiful as you like. [Fig 5]

Fig 5
Fig 5

7. For a ‘Bark’ why not tape a twig/ice lolly stick onto the back?

If you have any other ideas for this craft, why not leave a comment below.

Prayer Activity Idea!

To turn this into a prayer activity all I did is get each person to lift up each layer and write in the area that is covered. 

In the biggest one (the first fold you made) was a Thak you Prayer, thanking God for coming to earth.

The second prayer (under the second fold) write a sorry prayer for when we forgetting about Jesus at christmas time.

and finally, in the last space (under the last fold) we wrote please prayers to help us to remember those who don’t have anything.



What are your thoughts?

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