This too is worship

Interesting thought for the day – Whenever I am walking to KBC (about a 10 minute walk) there always seems to be about 5 busses go past me heading into Glasgow (the opposite direction from me.) Whenever I am walking home from KBC (again, about 10 minutes – imagine that) there are about 5 busses that go past me heading toward KBC…how annoying is that?!

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Ok, here is the actual blog now.

A couple of weeks ago one of my lecturers made a throw away comment that has stuck with me. She was talking about the horrible dreaded task of studying and said something along the lines of “we just need to get our heads down and remind our selves that this too is worship.” This thought has been stuck with me over the last few weeks. Its true, that everything we do is an act of worship, and we, mostly, all know that. But I have never even thought about it.

I had a meeting with my mentor in the city centre last week. I got a return (It’s important to note that I have never had a return before, its always been an all day ticket I’ve gotten because at 8am they don’t do returns…apparently) ticket to Buchanan Street bus station. I got there, had my mentor meeting, got a Starbucks & a Pretzel and headed to the bus station so I could make my way to the office. When I walked onto the bus for the return journey I showed my ticket and walked away, like I always would do (with an all day ticket) but the driver shouted back after me (he was grumpy) so he could take my ticket and punch a whole in it. For the whole of the journey I started thinking about getting off. My ticket was issued in Lenzie at the stop near my house. But I was headed to Kirkintilloch where the office is. I thought and pondered and mused over if I could stay on the bus longer than I had paid for, and to be honest If the bus driver hadn’t been grumpy and hadn’t seen my ticket I would have stayed on. It was only because I was scared of the bus driver that I got off and walked the last 10 minutes.

This too is worship.

I was meeting a friend in Kirkie for a coffee this morning. We met in a nice little coffee shop. I had a scone and a black coffee (called an Americano, but why not just call it a coffee?) He had a white coffee. We chatted about me moving to the west and settling in at ICC&KBC, we talked about his job with Enable Scotland and how he was enjoying that. We talked about Easter & Christmas (as I was planning and looking ahead for what I will be doing in the house group I’m leading) and we prayed. It was nice.

This too is worship.

After the youth cafe on my first Sunday in the job at KBC a couple of young people added me on Facebook. I asked my line manager if there was a social media policy and what was the procedure for me in this situation from a child protect point of view. (There are people reading this who have no involvement in youth work wondering why I didn’t just accept them. Oh how I wish life was that simple.) He replied that there wasn’t a policy, it was really up to me what I did as long as everything was public etc… I thought about making a work Facebook account but then I decided to double check my privacy settings and accept the young people. They are on now my friends and can see what I post, but they cant see anything my friends post.

This too is worship.

The bus story, while I only did the ‘right’ thing because I was scared It still made me think. As I live my life to worship God it shouldn’t matter if the bus driver has seen my ticket or not. If I have paid to go to one place then that is where I get off the bus. If I know that I want to go further then I say “can I pay the difference to go to place x”. Yeah, it might seem stupid because i’m only going a few stops more, and the bus is going that way anyway, and its not like anyone really cares. But what makes me not paying for thoes few minutes extra any different from someone who sneaks on the bus and doesn’t pay. Or doesn’t pay the full amount. We would say they were ‘bad’ people, so surely thats me too. As i live to worship God, I like to get off the bus where I pay I will. (Its a play on words. Where I say I will, and where I pay I will. Funny right?)

I love the fact that Martin and I got t pray for each other in a coffee shop. If we were to meet in church, we would pray and that would be no big deal. But because its in a coffee shop it becomes ‘weird’. I’m glad Martin asked me. I wanted to ask, and I was building my self up to say “shall we pray before we go?” but the fact we were in a coffee shop made it ahrder for me. But It is worship. I can just imaging the early church in Acts going to Starbucks (well maybe not now in the light of all this Tax business but thats besides the point) and praying for one another while they drink their Caramel Macchiato’s. It’s what living a life of worship should be like.

With Facebook (and Twitter and all social media), well, it represents me. Everything on my page is what I put on there. It is an extension of myself. That is the reason I didn’t create a ‘work’ account. If KBC had told me to make one, I would have and I have no issue with it. But the reason I didn’t is because I want these young people to see me. Not ‘Youth worker Andy’ but the real human being Andrew living from day to day and what I hope they see is someone who is living their life for Christ. They can’t see what my friends post as I cant be responsible for what people are sharing with me, But I am responsible for what I am doing in my life. These young people should see me living a life of worship.

In everything I do, the hard stuff, the good stuff, the church stuff, and the friends stuff, I should always be saying;

“This too is worship.”


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